Wine related research

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Wine economics programm Wine Economics is a research program of the Centre for International Economic Studies, Adelaide University, South Australia. They also produce a four monthly electronic newsletter.
The Winegrape Outlook Workshop The Agricultural Issues Center's third Winegrape Outlook Workshop was held in Oakville, California on October 25, 2000. Researchers from Australia, France and Germany as well as UC and other U.S. Universities and government agencies reported on issues including global trends in wine marketing and the potential economic impact of the spread of plant diseases. This site contains abstracts and papers from the Workshop.
Acrobat PDF file 109K "The German wine industry: ripe for e-commerce?" by Rolf A.E. Müller and Susanne Stricker Department of Agricultural Economics Christian-Albrechts-University Kiel, Germany. Presented at the AIC Wine Workshop October 25, 2000
Acrobat PDF file 29K German wineries on the web: A survey of web sites of Mosel-Saar-Ruwer and Pfalz wineries. by André Bernert and Susanne Stricker (read Abstract) Submitted for the 75th European Seminar of the EAAE.
Acrobat PDF file 36K "Wine on the Web - Rapid Appraisal of Web Sites by Wineries and Wine Merchants from Australia, California, and Germany" by S. Stricker, R.A.E. Mueller and D.A. Sumner. Submitted for the 75th European Seminar of the EAAE.
The Wine Marketing Research Group The Wine Marketing Research Group is a focal point for information, research, and professional development in all aspects of the wine sector. From the vineyard through production, wholesaling and retailing, the Group provides customised research and specialised training in all aspects of Wine Marketing. Founded in 1972, Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) is the leading supplier of information, consulting and financial services specializing in meeting the needs of the global beverage industry.
Wine Australia Winegrape and Wine Industry in Australia: A report by the Committee of Inquiry into the Winegrape and Wine Industry (30 June 1995).
E-commerce Trends and the Wine Industry Article by Richard G. Leahy published in the Vineyard & Winery Management Journal.

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