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World Wine Production World wine production figures provided by the US Wine Institute.
World Wine Consumption World wine consumption figures provided by the US Wine Institute. Overview over all trade statistics provided by the Wine Institute.
Per Capita Wine Consumption by country Source: Wine Institute
World Vineyard Area Source: Wine Institute
Wine industry information center Service provided by™, reports US market data and international reports.

US Statistics

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  US Wine Exports The Wine Institute reports volume and value of US Wine exports from 1986 to 1999.
  Calilfornia Winegrape Acreage The Wine Institute reports the development of Californian winegrape acreage from 1988 to 1999.
  Non-Citrus fruit and nut summary This file contains preliminary and annual summaries of acreage, yield, production, use, price and value by states of the noncitrus fruit and nut crop by state. Contains state level data of winegrape prices.
  California Grape Acreage Reports The California Agricultural Statistics Service annually conducts an acreage survey of California grape growers. This is a continuation of a long series of annual surveys to provide grape acreage by type, variety, county, year planted, and Grape Crush (pricing) Districts.
  California Grape Crush Reports Information contained in these reports is supplied by processors to fulfill the reporting requirements of Section 55601.5 of the Food and Agriculture Code. Details of the crushed tonnage, degrees Brix, and weighted average prices are reported by grape type, variety, and grape pricing districts

Australian Statistics

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  Wine production Beverage Wine Production by Australian State
  Exports by type Beverage Exports by Major Type
  Exports by market Wine Exports by Market
  The Case for South Australia's Wine & Beverage Industries Report from the Departments of Industry & Trade and Primary Industries & Resources SA
  statistics The Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) provides various statistics about Australian wine production and trade.

German Statistics

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New Zealand Statistics

back to top Various statistics from New Zealand's official wine and grape industry website. Wine Production, vintage by grape varieties and region, exports by destination.

Italian Statistics

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  wine online Wine production, number and size of vineyards in Italy.

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